# 2006-10-18
"Parentheses" . . .
The release of Françoise's new album is announced for November 27th.
This album will contain 12 duets with various artists.
# 2005-10-31
"Le temps des souvenirs" . . .
FNAC announced the release of a DVD containing Françoise's songs; due out November 28th.
Some details are already listed in the Totally-Hardy blog.
# 2005-10-23
    Another Swedish paper doll
    from the mid '60s.
    Thanks to Carl-Gustaf E.

# 2005-10-05
If things proceed as expected ... but obviously they don't proceed that way :
The first release of "Françoise's complete work on CD" is delayed now until mid 2006 because of a "strategic decision" of the record company. Hard to understand...
# 2005-06-10
If things proceed as planned, we can expect "Françoise's complete work on CD" until end of the year, at least a first stage containing the Vogue period...
# 2005-05-29
I'm told that the work for a set of CDs containing Françoise's complete work is in progress at BMG/France. As far as possible the songs will be newly remastered and mixed from the original tapes. It is planned to include also all non-french songs and versions.  Well, let's hope and wait...
# 2005-05-03
In order not to give any promotion for piracy disks
the BudKon items are removed from the discography now.
# 2005-03-26
You will find a link to the first Françoise Hardy blog on the "links" page.
# 2005-03-16
Thanks to Carl-Gustaf E. who sent me this nice paper doll picture from
a Swedish teenage magazine from 1967 . . .

# 2004-11-12
Since the start of the Discographie in summer 1996
she had a good home at Compuserve's homepages ... until now.
Today we welcome you at the new domain and location www.geroki.de
You will be redirected from the old address for a while - but :
update your bookmarks, please.
# 2004-09
Four years after "Clair-obscur", eight years after "Le danger", ...
the new studio album "Tant de belles choses" is announced for November 16th 2004.
I just took a look a Virgin's official Françoise Hardy site and found ... nothing but cobweb ...
# 2003-04
EMI and Virgin now have started to sell Françoise's CDs as copy-protected disks.
In fact, this is not worth to call it a protection agains copying - at least for all
fellows above Kindergarden age - but it prevents from playing the tracks
on PC drives. And there is no guarantee at all, that this disks will work on all
"regular" audio-CD players.
Well done, EMI / Virgin. You really know how to annoy your customers !
# 2002-10-26
The discography welcomes all visitors
with a counter beyond the 1000 and an improved layout - I hope you like it ...
# 2002-10
Virgin's official Françoise Hardy site and FNAC announce the release of a 3-CD
compilation including 13 previously unreleased songs. Due out Nov.12th 2002.
In fact : this box set will not contain any unreleased songs and only one song
("T'es pas poli" duo with Patrick Dewaere) appears here the first time on CD
# 2002-07
FNAC announces the release of a Françoise Hardy biography
"Françoise Hardy, ma vie interieure" by Gilles Verlant. Due out Oct.15th 2002

Painting by Fred Blei.
You can find infos about this artist at  www.fredblei.com