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On this site you will find
•  The discography, containg (nearly) all records from all over the world, including promo versions and special releases. Each entry contains a sleeve picture, a songlist and other references of the record. You can access this discography with a sortable index.
•  A page for viewing the latest news and additions of the discography.
•  A song index which allows you to locate all records containg a specific song.
•  A song reference table with an overview of the different language versions of the songs, also containing unreleased songs, cover versions infos and songs composed or texted by Françoise Hardy.
•  A page with links to other sites related to Françoise Hardy and with links to recommendable online shops offering Françoise's CDs.
•  A contact page, in case you want to contribute to the discography and for sending an email to the author of this site.

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