Bill Pritchard
3 Months, 3 Weeks & 2 Days

CD   #0891
Play_It_Again_Sam BIAS 106 CD

Tommy & Co. (with Françoise Hardy)
Invisible State
Pillow Talk
Cosy Evenings
We Were Lovers
Romance sans paroles
Je n'aime que toi
Kenneth Baker
Better To Be Bitter

Information :
Françoise Hardy sings the background vocals on the first track.
The CD is produced by Etienne Daho and Nettwerk Records.
Released in some other countries with different labels and record numbers.

There are some other Bill Pritchard records with the song "Tommy & Co." :

LP (BIAS 106) containing the same songs as the CD.

7"-Single (BIAS 104-7) containing the songs
"Tommy & Co." and "New Orleans".

CD-Single (BIAS 104 CD) containing the songs
"Tommy & Co.", "New Orleans", "Angelique" and "Pas de plaisanterie".

12"-MaxiSingle (BIAS 104) containing the songs
"Tommy & Co.", "New Orleans", "Laying In The Bricklayer's Arms" and
"December With A Good Friend".

   the 7"-Single