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1994 : CD(2) Island 314-524 107-2 -U.S.A. 'Malcolm McLaren: Paris'

Malcolm McLaren:

CD   #0810
BMG 7432 1 191392

Anthem (Malcolm McLaren, Wasis Diop)
Club Le Narcisse (Malcolm McLaren)
Driving Into Delirium (Malcolm McLaren)
In The Absence Of The Parisienne (Malcolm McLaren)
Jazz Is Paris (Malcolm McLaren)
La Main Parisienne (Amina, Malcolm McLaren)
Miles And Miles Of Miles Davis (Malcolm McLaren)
Mon Die Senie (Malcolm McLaren)
Paris Paris (Catherine Deneuve, Malcolm McLaren)
Pere Lachaise (Malcolm McLaren)
Revenge Of The Flowers (Francoise Hardy)
Rue Dauphine (Malcolm McLaren)
Walking With Satie (Malcolm McLaren)

Cover text :
This collection of songs attempts to inscribe a map of feelings
over this jazz drenched city of Paris. A city where I have often
been lost in a daydream, listening to Eric Satie, Art Blakey and
Serge Gainsbourg. Some of their blood and smells remain.
Malcolm McLaren