Single   #0758
Festival FK 3784

Now You Want To Be Loved (Des ronds dans l'eau)
Soon Is Slipping Away
  (A cloche-pieds sur la grande muraille de Chine)

Information :
This Single was also released in Australia with same label & number.

Cover text :
FRANCOISE was born on January 17, 1944 in Paris. She is of French nationality.
When she was 16 years old, her parents gave her a guitar and this was the beginning of her career. She taught herself to play and as soon as she had learned three chords, she started writing music and lyrics and singing in front of her mother, sister and few friends. FRANCOISE who was, and still is very shy, overcome her timidity long enough to call on different record companies.
Her first record was out in June 1962. It was an immediate success.
Shortly thereafter she auditioned successfully and began recording for Vogue record company.
Since then, FRANCOISE has had one success after the other. In 1963 she toured with Richard Anthony, a popular French singer, when she performed her complete repertoire for the public for the first time. Her arrival as a star really came when she gave a recital at Olympia music-hall in Paris.
She toured in Brazil in 1964 and is in great demand in Germany where she sells as many records as in France. At the San Remo festival in Italy, she was the most popular of the singers, and she was on the top of all the hit parades of Europe.
During the last few years of her reputation has been firmly established and today FRANCOISE is considered among the best artists in the world of the "chanson". Her style differs very much from all the singers of her generation. She sings about love and sadness it brings and recognizes herself that her best lyrics are written when she is unhappy.
Today FRANCOISE producers her own records and has her own record firm as well as a musical edition company. She has temporarily withdrawn from that stage since she thinks that the classical way of touring is obsolete. She limits her professional activities to T.V. performances and records.