Francoise Hardy in English

LP   #0071
Marble_Arch MAL 1163

All Over The World (Dans le monde entier)
Another Place (La nuit est sur la ville)
Autumn Rendezvous (Rendez-vous d'automne)
Catch A Falling Star
Just Call And I'll Be There (Le temps des souvenirs)
Only Friends (Ton meilleur ami)
So Many Friends (L'amitie)
The Rose (Mon amie la rose)
This Little Heart (Ce petit coeur)
You Just Have To Say The Word (Tu n'as qu'un mot a dire)

Cover text :
Walk into any record shop in Paris and browse through the discs. The Stones, Sandy Shaw and The Animals, some of Britain's most famous Hit Parade artists are very much in evidence. Walk into a British counterpart in London and the lack of French artistes is very noticeable indeed. The exception to this rule is of course, FRANCOISE HARDY who, at 25, is as well known on these shores as in her native France.
Since she burst upon the entertainment scene six years ago the whole of Europe has gradually succumbed to the songs and the style that are a trademark of FRANCOISE. Her very first record, TOUS LES GARCONS ET LES FILLES, became a hit in many countries and has sold well over one million copies. Her face appears regularly in magazines, both pop and glossy, from Norway to Turkey and she regularly commutes between almost every European country where she is in great demand as an artist. The individuality of FRANCOISE has been the mainstay of her success in this country. She is one of the very few female artists who boasts a large following of girl fans. The reason for this is simple - she has exerted a striking influence on their clothes and their hairstyles. Walk along any street and see a whole number of 'little Francoises' trotting along the pavement their hair long and casual over their shoulders, a heavy fringe just hiding their eyes and their mass produced trouser suits and boots, copies of the exclusive "Coureges" originals that have almost become a trade mark for FRANCOISE.
One day she can be appearing on a top rating television show such as the now famous "Ready Steady Go" and the next singing bofore a glittering sophisticated audience at an exclusive Hotel. She will however, wear the same clothes for both occasions and sing the same songs, proof indeed that her appeal is universal and designed for all ages.
Francoise's talents extend beyond singing. The credits on many of the songs on this album proves that she is indeed a talented composer. In addition she has already starred in several films, unhappily none of which have been shown over here, although many may have seen her brief appearance in "What's New Pussycat".
But it is for singing she is most famous and this, her first album in English, will delight all those people who have waited so patiently for it. With his usual brilliant flair Charles Blackwell has produced a series of arrangements which subtly complements the individual style of the ever-fresh and lovely FRANCOISE HARDY.